Saint Patrick round up – 12 March

Saint Patrick

Green day: Saint Paddy’s Day events, home-cooked Irish food

A look at the trivia, traditions and trends of Saint Patrick’s Day

30th Annual Westport Saint Patrick’s Day Run

Campaign Seeks To Make Saint Patrick’s Day Official

Lunch of the Irish

Luck of the Irish

Saint Patrick was no Irishman

Sharin’ o’ the Green

History Of Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrated

Her Irish eyes are smiling!

Fine Arts Series presents authentic Irish entertainment

Irish native Matty Murphy and family turn to traditional fare

Saint Patrick’s Day style guide

Try lamb and potatoes for Saint Pat’s Day

Editorial: Saint Pat’s petition a marketing scheme

Saint Patrick’s Day in Style

Saint Patrick’s Day: Reports from the front lines

Celebrate Saint Paddy’s Day before Holy Week

Essex firm raises a glass to Saint Patrick

Enough with the green beer, already – St. Patrick wasn’t what you think

In support of St. Patrick’s Day’s heritage and traditions

Saint Patrick Day versus Holy Week

Saint Patrick’s Day Conflict?


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