Catholic New Media Hub

8 October 2008

If you’re interested in news, podcasts, homilies, devotions to the saints, or other matters Catholic, and like them delivered as audio or video to your computer, check out a sister site – The Catholic New Media Hub

The author of that blog has subscribed to every RSS feed on the planet, and is presenting the material in a single site. There is no commentary or blather, just links to the material as it is dropped online. Material from SQPN, Immaculate Heart Radio, the USCCB, Vatican Radio and many independent webcasters.


SQPN web site update

4 March 2008

Daily BreakfastIf you’re interested in new media, or if you don’t know enough about it yet, check out the update to the SQPN web site. It’s got a spiffy new look, but more important the shows and information are a lot easier to find. Check out Dr Paul’s SaintCast, Father Roderick’s Daily Breakfast, the iPadre, Greg, Jennifer and the Rosary Army and all the rest at

Healing of religious would be first miracle attributed to Our Lady of Lourdes for a Latin American

14 February 2008

Healing of religious would be first miracle attributed to Our Lady of Lourdes for a Latin American

SaintCast – Catholic Saints on Call

2 February 2008

Today we learn about the Saint who has been called the founder of Christian monasticism, Anthony of the Desert. What prompted him to live a solitary life of virtue, as a hermit in the harsh Egyptian desert? Paul and Chris post an iPhone commercial parody that you can see by clicking the above video link. Terry Jones of the Patron Saints Index joins us for a look at the week’s saints. A saint’s car recently sold in Italy – find out who in this week’s Saint Jeopardy quiz. And next week, we interview Father Jim Martin of My Life with the Saints, on his new book, A Jesuit Off Broadway.

SaintCast 86 – Catholic Saints on Call

SaintCast #85: Soundseeing in Santa Clara (and Cupertino), California

15 January 2008

SaintCast #85: Soundseeing in Santa Clara (and Cupertino), California

Join Paul and SaintCast listener Jonathan on a journey to the Carmel of the Infant Jesus Monastery in Santa Clara, California, and a brief visit to One Infinite Loop, Cupertino (Apple HQ). Were they able to discover any secrets, and new projects, before having their podcasting equipment confiscated? Tune in to find out. Pictures available at this link, in case you’d like to follow along while listening.

SaintCast #84: Father Seraphim back ‘In the Hood’

11 January 2008

SaintCast #84: Father Seraphim back ‘In the Hood’

Find out what a Third Order Franciscan Friar and a podcasting neurosurgeon do for fun on a snowy midwestern night on this SaintCast. Father Seraphim of Catholic Under the Hood pays a visit to the SaintCast and answers questions ranging from Austrian food, to Notre Dame Irish football, to how Catholics should view Orthodox Saints. A SaintCast mug to whomever shows proof of making Saint Basil’s bread this year. iPhone geek news, news of some new Blessed’s this year, a new Saint Jeopardy, and news of the exhumation of Padre Pio on this week’s SaintCast. Good stuff.

iPadre Podcast – Visitors from Afar

8 January 2008

iPadre Podcast #94 – Visitors From Afar

A little late, I know, but on this podcast Father Jay discusses the meaning of the Three Wise Men and their Gifts. There’s also some appropriate (to the season just ended) music.

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