We’re moving!!!!

29 October 2008

As part of the re-design of my primary web site at Saints.SQPN.com, I am going to start posting Saint News there. Check things out with these links –

Come on over. Love to see you there.



Catholic New Media Hub

8 October 2008

If you’re interested in news, podcasts, homilies, devotions to the saints, or other matters Catholic, and like them delivered as audio or video to your computer, check out a sister site

http://cnmhub.wordpress.com – The Catholic New Media Hub

The author of that blog has subscribed to every RSS feed on the planet, and is presenting the material in a single site. There is no commentary or blather, just links to the material as it is dropped online. Material from SQPN, Immaculate Heart Radio, the USCCB, Vatican Radio and many independent webcasters.

Eucharistic Miracle of Amsterdam, Holland

7 March 2008

Eucharistic Miracle of Amsterdam, Holland

Don’t see any news stories about this, but the miracle is still commemorated today, and a procession will be held this weekend.

Diabolical possession should be handled by exorcists, Vatican official says

7 March 2008

Diabolical possession should be handled by exorcists, Vatican official says

patrons of possessed people, and against demonic or diabolic possession

Popes’ Art, Artifacts on US Tour

15 February 2008

Popes’ Art, Artifacts on US Tour

NunBlog: Tales of the Lost Ark

17 January 2008

Tales of the Lost Ark
NunBlog: Tales of the Lost Ark

New Vatican document to clarify Summorum Pontificum

1 January 2008

New Vatican document to clarify Summorum Pontificum

Summorum Pontificum text